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A lighting partner who makes saving money and upgrading lighting easier

From turnkey projects to specification and materials, upgrading to LED doesn’t have to be confusing or painful. We pair national buying power with decades of retrofit experience to help your retrofits run smoothly.

What’s in it for you?

Rent the Runway

Lighting Design by RL Studio

Rock-solid retrofit plan

Our team has completed tens of thousands of retrofits from multi-store roll-outs to complex properties to exterior lighting. We’ll put together a specification and project plan to ensure your success.

Here’s a customer who reaped the benefits of carefully planned and targeted retrofits.

Ruby Tuesdays

Lighting Design by RL Studio

Cost savings and rebate support

Make sure that your next lighting upgrade has a clear return on investment and that any applicable rebates are factored in. Our team has handled millions of dollars in lighting rebates, so we’ll be your guide in the process.

Here’s a customer who used energy savings to fund retrofits across their property.


Lighting Design by RL Studio

End-to-end project support

Whether you’re retrofitting dozens of applications across a complex property or a few applications across thousands of locations, you need a partner who will stand by the project from beginning to end. We’ll assign a project manager to your project who knows your projects inside and out, ensuring that your properties shine.

Watch this video from one of our customers who experienced a large-scale project roll out.

The Crossing Apartments

Lighting Design by RL Studio

LED upgrades made easier

Did you know that energy is the largest cost of a traditional lighting system? Here’s how the costs break down:

Read more about the total cost of lighting

An LED upgrade can commonly pay for itself in a matter of months, and we’ve helped thousands of customers reap these benefits.

Whether your goal is to save on operational costs or upgrade the aesthetics in your spaces, we can help make picking the right product, calculating your payback, and planning your project a breeze.

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