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Proven, safe applications
for disinfectant lighting

Disinfectant lighting has been around for decades, and new technology continues to come on the scene. Our team is here to help you make sense of the claims and find proven products for your space from proven partners.

What’s in it for you?

Silk Spa

Lighting Design by RL Studio

Proven solutions

In recent years, disinfectant lighting has seen an explosion of new products and technologies. Our commitment to our customers is to quickly identify proven solutions from air treatment to space disinfection and custom applications.

Helpful Documents

Resources from Regency Supply

Helpful resources

Education is a critical part of any disinfectant lighting plan. From our disinfectant lighting buying guide to videos to a curated selection of research reports, you’re equipped with all of the tools to make great buying decisions.

Jarden Office

Lighting Design by RL Studio

Focus on safety

Staff, customer, student, and tenant safety are the goal of any disinfectant lighting plan. In fact, our team has even developed safety guidelines and a risk rating system for disinfectant lighting solutions to help you navigate the options.

Tumi Store

Lighting Design by RL Studio

Healthier air and spaces in a whole new light

If you’re exploring disinfectant lighting for your space, HVAC system, or another application, we’re here to cut through the options to find a solution that meets your goals.

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