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Below you’ll find a collection of helpful content we’ve created. Each download is designed to give practical and easy-to-follow advice. We will continue to expand this collection to provide you with even more over time.

Our Blogs

Choosing Product

LED Buying Guide

How to make the best LED buying decision

Guide to CRI and CCT

What they mean and how they apply to your application

Lighting Resource Guide

Helpful lighting-related tools in one document

Industry-Specific Linear Lighting Guides

Industry-specific guides designed just for you

Lighting Terms Glossary

Defining the most commonly used lighting terms

Retrofits & Energy Savings

Energy Savings Guide

How to calculate energy savings and payback

Energy Savings Calculator

A fast and easy way to calculate your savings

Unused Inventory Calculator

When to ditch your unused inventory for LEDs

Total Cost of Lighting

Understanding the Total Cost of Lighting

Retrofit Planning Guide

Tips to reap big savings from an LED retrofit

Industry-Specific Guides

Restaurant Lighting Guide

How to navigate lighting for a restaurant application

Retail Design Guide

Retail lighting design tips and tricks

Healthcare Facilities Lighting Guide

Healthcare lighting design tips and tricks

Hotel Lighting Guide

Hotel lighting design tips and tricks

Multifamily Lighting Guide

Multifamily lighting design tips and tricks

Commercial Office Lighting Guide

Commercial Office lighting design tips and tricks

Industry-Specific Linear Lighting Guides

Download the resource designed for you

Lighting Code & Restrictions

Title 24 Explained

The latest building codes for California

Title 24 FAQ & Glossary

FAQs and Glossary about Title 24

How does Title 24 apply to me?

Learn how Title 24 may affect your projects

State-Specific Light Bulb Bans

A state-by-state look at light bulb bans

DOE Lighting Restrictions

New federal restrictions on lighting products

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