Welcome to Regency’s School of Lighting! This curriculum is designed to take you from a lighting consumer to a lighting expert. As you go through the classes and content in these courses, the goal is to master the complexity of lighting so we can present lighting concepts to our customers with clarity and simplicity.

Ron Regenstreif, Mike Goldstone, and Thomas Edison. Learn the history and current trends of the lighting industry and how Regency Supply fits in.
Learn more about the lighting industry
How do compact fluorescents emit light? If you think compact fluorescents are just like fluorescents but compact… you're right.
Learn more about compact fluorescent lighting
How do incandescents work? Understand the technology behind the original light bulb and how they are used today.
Learn more about incandescent lighting
What's going on inside a HID light bulb? A roiling plasma. That's right, a roiling plasma. If you don't know what that is, that's okay, we'll be taking a deeper dive.
Learn more about high intensity discharge lighting
How do fluorescents work? Learn the technology behind the mercury infused light bulbs and if in fact, the mercury is detrimental.
Learn more about linear fluorescent lighting
What are LEDs? Simply put, magic. Lets talk about this magic and how it affects your life.
Learn more about light emitting diode (LED) lighting

Wondering what this page is all about?

All employees at Regency go through a series of training classes we call the School of Lighting which is part of Regency Supply University. This page pulls together resources from our blog, exercises to reinforce classroom training, and other helpful tips. If you’re interested in purchasing product from us or if you’re interested in learning more about employment at Regency, you can reach out to us here.

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