Guide to disinfecting and protecting your building

Get your building ready to fight germs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We created the checklist below to make sure you have the right products to disinfect and protect customers and employees.

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Select an area on the floor plan for more information and recommended products.

Floor plan selection
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It’s important to check your state and local jurisdictions for specific requirements for your employees. The CDC has a list of recommendations to follow, and we have several more resources gathered in our free Reopening Guide.

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Stop the spread of germs at your door. Consider these sanitizer, antimicrobial, and far-UVC product options for entry points for employees, customers, guests, and patients.

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Offer your employees disinfection for their personal items as they enter the building and as they leave.

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High-touch areas can include shared spaces, waiting areas, merchandise floors, dining rooms and tables, and points of purchase. This is another good area for sanitizers, surface protectants, and UV disinfectant products. For a look at how to use UV products for certain industries, click here.

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The spread of germs often starts in restrooms. Make sure restrooms are stocked with sanitizer and soap. Then add UV products and surface protectant to your cleaning process.

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Germicidal UV HVAC fixtures disinfect the air in your building. They’re an efficient way to inactivate pathogens like viruses and bacteria. You can either mount the fixtures to the coils or the ducts in your system. You can read more here.

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When it comes to your kitchen, you want to make sure products you use are FDA approved. Consider the following surface protectants or UV products.

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Germs can linger in stairways, elevators, and escalators. These areas may be overlooked in the cleaning process. A combination of surface protectant, sanitizer, and UV products can properly disinfect these areas.

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